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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  August 24, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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us wanting to share their story about how they felt the earthquake this morning. all these items inside have shifted and fallen all over the apartments and their house. a lot of them are out here. and i want to tell you, i just spoke with county chief advisor big dobbs on the scene. he tells me because of the damage to the county administration building their emergency response effort is headquarters at the sheriff's office in napa county close to the county administration building. it's not just the everyday folks trying to deal with this earthquake. it's county officials as well.
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>> from what i'm looking at here it does not appear you can live or work out of some of these buildings. >> thank you so much for your report. we'll continue to return to mike for the latest. you're getting an ariel view. so you're seeing some of the is situation here where some of those buildings where masonry and brick have fallen to the ground. it's just been a situation that
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is going to require a closer look. >> here's a look at some video of showing the jolting this morning at 3:21 when the struck. >> getting back to after shocks we have reports of some after shocks that have hit in the area since the 3:20 earth quake. we've had an after shock at 5:00 this morning and another one at 5:45 this morning. we want to fo to charles clifrd. >>reporter: the they detected it at 3:20. they are calling this the south
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napa earthquake. the largest since 1989. that was a magnitude 6.9 give and take kwaik. there's been museum rows after shocks. the strongest a 2.5 around 5:00 this morning. these earth quakes may be happening along the west napa fault. they are determining where it hit. even though this was a strong one it was a typical one for the bay area. >> the earth quake was a strike slip that produces where the earth's crust moves side to side which is typical for the bay area and the moegs is along a fault that is typical for the bay area. in that sense it's a typical kind of earth quake. the magnitude is larger than what we've seen for a long time.
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>>reporter: they say there's a 50% chance for a strong after shock at 5.0. >> go to a look at the road closingers. >> we've heard reports of two small after shocks. a 2.5 and another one at 3.6 at 547 this was a depth of 11 can i lom meters. they are classifying this as an average earth quake. as we update some of the road cloeshers. i think after shocks will be up
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in the north area. road way damage reported. we have cracks in the road. elevated ten to 12 inches off the fre way. the chp has coned off these areas. they ask that you avoid the entire area. no damage in ren or santa rose. most of this is in napa and sonoma . one thing i am following a mud and rock slide at how'll mountain. i'll have more on that in a minute. >> speaking of transportation issues. we look at this live look. downtown napa with many buildings have sustained damage there. we checked with the airport, san francisco oakland international. run ways were inspected which
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was standard operating procedure. no reports of any problems there. operations are continuing at both of those airports without disruption. always check ahead. officially we have no disruption of service. >> let's go back to live to jackie who has been following a mobile home park fire. what's the latest? >>reporter: good morning. the napa valley mobile home park four of those mobile homes completely destroyed after the earth quake. firefighters telling me they believe it was a gas leek that started the fire. four mobile homes completely destroyed. six to eight of those homes moderate to severe damage. the reel problem is water.
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because of the violent nature of this earth quake it broke water mains across napa including right in front of this mobile home park. all they they could do is stand and watch. the good news nobody was hurt from the fire. everybody was able to get out. i spoke with the captain of the napa fire department and described the scene of out frus race rauting it was for them. >> the hardest part was having to deal with the lack of water for the incident and you have structures immediately threatened next to the ones that were burning knew that you're going to lose more. there wasn't a lot of help to save that particular unit was very difficult. >> how much damage? >> i can't begin to estimate the
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dollar damage not knowing what the current value of the units in the park. i kound couldn't -- >> how many structures? >> we have four shucktures to the grounds. six to eight with varying degrees of damage. at this time we have no report of injuries and none of the occupants are reported missing. >>reporter: napa fire department as you can hear from the interview completely frustrated by the fact they were without water to fight the fire. the good news nobody was hurt in that fire. right now they're waiting for someone to show up with water. right now the fires are out.
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water running down the streets because so many broken mains out here. obviously the short term we're hearing some not rate injuries around napa . you sigh ambulances and fire truck. s. we are -- >> jackie,ed the to be so heartbreaks to see the resi watching the homes burn and firefighters not able to do anything about it. >>reporter: they understand what the firefighters were working under. the good news if you see the damage done at that mobile home
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park you realize how lucky they are. no one injured. at 3:20 in the p morning. the people in this possibly home park are old elderly. >> jackie reporting from mobile home bark in napa which has been the scene of destruction there. four mobile homes completely destroyed. another four to eight sustaining damage. a>> the social media response on the earth wake has been huge. a loot of feedback on twitter this morning. a look at some of the tweets we gobbing got since early this morning. people still tweeting their experience. still awake woke me more than an
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hour ago. affeldt it in vallejo. relieving the>> earth quake alert responding to theitis i.c.e. bucket challenge. a rude awakening for a lot of folks ps asking you to send your tweets to us. if you see damage around your home. sent it to@breaking news at >> we are take tag live look at downtown napa where several buildings sustained a rot of -- lot of want to turn to a viewer
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right now. wanda good morning. tell us what you felt at 3:20 this morning? >> all of a sudden there was a gentle shaking and it didn't bother me. there was no jolt. it lasted for quite a while. and i said okay we're having an earthquake. i called my brother and see if his family was okay. and he said he didn't feel it. i didn't get any other calls. so i must have been the only one to felt it. >> have you been through a earthquake before? >> oh yes. i was in san francisco for. there was no comparison. the one in 89 i was standing
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outside one of the state buildings. >> thank you so much for sharing your experience early this morning. we're glad that you're safe. >> i pray for all the families in napa . >> thank you very much public>> public>> -- >> we're working on getting on the phone a sheriff to fill us in. you can see the damage at a local safe way. >> safe way in american canyon. sustaining apparently minor damage. bottles falling to the floor. no one damaged. >> a lot of folks are waking up a lot of folks were one-on-one woen up this morning. now as we're seeing daylight this is giving officials a better chance to see if there was damage, any more damage to
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road ways and buildings. >> i definitely checked the house this morning. look for cracks. fortunately i didn't have anything. there was no damage in my home pm did you check yours? >> no i did not i did not check it i rushed out of the house to get here. i want to bring up a good tip. check your water heaters. check your gas, make sure your water heaters is strapped to the structure. we want to turn now to someone opt the phone. we understand from -- sorry i lost -- sonoma county sheriff's office. good morning. >> good morning. >> can you tell us what you are dealing with in terms of responding to calls. >> this morning we notice increase into our 911 dispatch
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center with people concerned about the quake and wanted advice on what to do. we want to encourage people to use 911 for emergency not just information. we have power outages. we have call after call of alarm systems. when the power goi goes out it sets off alarms. >> what else are you dealing with this morning? >> we have one water main break. we still have power outages all over the sonoma valley. deputies responding to that as necessary. as daylight comes we're asking people to check their homes. check outside. check for damage. sonoma race way. the indy car racing is scheduled
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toe go ahead. they don't have any damage out there. >> can you define to our viewers what you consider to be an emergency. something coming down in their home? give us per ram meters of when they should call? >> when they feel like there's some medical or fire emergency by all means. if they're concerned maybe someone near their home. all the same reasons you would call 911 in the first place. when they're tree trying to dispatch dis deputies give people they reassurance. take a -- take a deep breath, reach out to a mead ya out let such as yours and call family make sure everyone is safe. if any one is injured or smell gasz call. >> i'm sure you get these calls
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quite a bit and they're immediate is to call 911. >> that is common. if they haven't been true one they want some reassurance. and we understand that. >> what is a number people can call for none emergency? >> a nonemergency to report something in their area. they can call the sheriff's office at 7075652650. and that's nonemergency line. they can be connected up to dispatch if they need to. and we can dispatch on someone on a loir priority call. or if it's a tree fallingen or something. >> in this case is it all hands on deck?
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>> fortunately we all come out of the wood work when things like this. we can't predict anything like this. we all work together and do the best we can for the citizens out there. certainly out thoughts and are out to the folks in napa county. >> can you give us any -- i know you're not an earthquake expert. advice. a lot of folks jolted out of bed. i was staying in bed because i was so shocked. i saw other people tweeting saying i jufrned out of bed and standing underneath the door. as waiting for after shocks the next several days. what advice do you have for p if another one comes through. >> i lived in the bay area during the loam ma create.
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as long as they're in the area where it's safe. where things won't fall on them. everything strapped to the wall. if they don't have an earthquake supply box, take care ofr now. if you have one that is old revisit that and refresh the contents of that. make sure you have a first aid kit. stuff for your pets. cell phone chargers. and a way to stay connected whether a battery powered roo or some other device to get information. >> thank you for those tips. it bring greater awareness now. we keep talking about it and people say they'll put it off until tomorrow and tomorrow has arrived. >> so here's once again a life look from our helicopter with
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abc 7 news. some of the dmaj damage. this looks like a home in a residential area. hard to make how what we're look at. earlier we were looking at pictures like these from a safe way in american canyon. where you can see soda knocked off the shelves. wine bottles. also knocked off. see some of the resulting damage on the floor. >> this i believe is the mobile home park area. maybe six to eight moderate to severe damage. they don't have access to water. you>> that's been the problem. we want to turn now to berry
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martin from napa police department. you've been dealing with a lot of damage downtown napa . >> good morning i'm the city's pio not specifically the police department. >> downtown area has suffered damage to the unreinforced masonry buildings. there are not that many of those left. but those that are still present have been mostly damaged by this strong quake. >> i understand there's been quite a move in downtown napa to go ahead and retro fit a lot of the buildings in the downtown area. >> the city actually passed an ordinary innocence to require upgrade and ret troe fit these
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properer tis. and many of them have been retro fitted. and some of these are still standing. some that were not are severely damaged. >> where what is the historical signature fans to some of these buildings. >> the goodman library. a beautiful stone building right in the heart of our downtown. it's been severely damaged by this quake. alt i blooe it did receive. another building home to a collective tasting room. sam key laundry very old stone building. told it has severe damage. a sad loss of some of the historic inventory of the immunities that have been here
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since the late 1800s. >> take us through the next steps deciding which buildings will be habitable tomorrow and throughout the future. >> the city staff. fire and police assessing damage if a building official -- we had a similar process following the year 2000 earthquake which happened in september of 2000. some similar damage to some of the unreinforced macery buildings. many homes suffered damage. chimneys falling and brick structures collapsing. the red tagging process will go on probably more than just today and into this coming week.
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>> tell us about the plan that goes into effect in napa and surrounding areas when something like this occurs. >> in terms of emergency operations and other agencies have similar system standardized model for emergency operations. train for it man wales and information that sets up the structure at this moment being over seen -- --
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>> we have several dodzen people who have been transported to local hospital and we have about a dozen ambulances currently operating and another ten to supplement. so far that's all the information we have. only the two serious we're aware of. >> you know about the fire at the mobile home park #1234i set up at the napa high school gim for anyone that needs a place to go. evacuation center operates as part of our emergency plan. at our napa high school gym naz m. >> thank for taking time out for
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filling in viewers information. >> a reminder to make those preparations you've been putting off. >> let's go now to erika. you've been tracking after shocks. what do you see so far. >> only two fsh -- the first one was a 2.5 magnitude and another one on tails at 3.6 shake at 5:47. there's been a dozen. now we want to point out -- chance of a magnitude 5:after shock is a 50% chance. also been monitoring a lot of the official twitter handles after some of the public at athcys in the other area.
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there are a number of gas leeks in the napa area. the chief is advicing not to turn off their gas unless they hear a hissing sound. once they turn gas off the utility company will have to turn it back on. napa high school and grace church on selano are established evacuation centers. also monitoring some of the traffic issues sosuated with this. the big one a signature lar at westbound 80 at highway 37. that's been clear preponderance of the evidence a lot of county roads still affected. he's seen roads that are buckled. while they're not officially
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closed he does warn you if you're in the area to watch. not enough to close the roads but enough to damage your tires or car. >> we did check with the airport. sfo and oakland. right when the quake struck, they did inspect the run ways. both reporting no problems and operations continued without destruction. >> we want to update you you certainly felt it in the bay area. maybe fell back to sleep and just waking up. we are dealing with a 6.0 magnitude earthquake that struck in the american canyon area. north bay. significant damage to several buildings in downtown napa . we've had reports of major
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injuries but for the most part hospitals reporting minor injuries. a fire at a mobile home park that destroyed some four mobile homes and damaged at least up to eight others. you see video there of that. the frustrating part of this was the firefighters on the seen not able to put out the blaze simply because the earthquake cracked the water main. >> jackie --? >> jackie was at the mobile home bark park. >> who are we going to? mike live in downtown napa who's got more information for us. >>reporter: good morning>> we are losing mike's connection. we will turn to him when we get
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a live report. >> gloets to grant. >>reporter: if you're joining us we're following this story on air line. a quick recap. this quake a 6.0 magnitude quake. partially closed state highway 37. the shake map here. the biggest quake since 1989 and a lot of people taking to twitter at it happened. here are some of the tweets. stilg awake after the earth wake. we're hearing it was felt wides. --
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>>reporter: if there's damage like you see here there's a serious issue. if a fridge feeling trying to have a little fun with it. we welcome you to join the conference. also on twitter. we're following all the developments on kron if you do have to leave your tv follow us on your mobile app. >> thank you very much. turn now to have ness sa. can you el us a bit about the injuries that have been sustained because the earth quake>>reporter: we're see a large number of -- we are -- >> any major injuries. is the it the lacerations or
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abraugs that you mentioned pm>>reporter: we had a hip fracture. >> dweelg young irpatients. >>reporter: all ages. >> can you untils about the plan that goes into affect when an earth quake of this magnitude strikes. i would guess the queen valley medical center taking people for emergency care. >>reporter: we are the level three trauma center. we drill and train for this type of an event or a similar event throughout the year.
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>> can you tell us a bit about tips that you would have for people who are watching wondering when do i go to the hospital. do i call the hospital do i drive myself if i'm able to. how does this work for someone considering a trip to the hospital. >>reporter: obvious if you have a major injury dial 911. if you have an yur that you immediate immediate medical treatment such as laceration come to the hospital. >> va necessary sa thank you very much. so far so good thank you. >> that -- >> let's go to justine. >>reporter: good morning we're live. we'll start with the video from
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napa . new video exactly how bad things are looking up there this morning. i want to show you illustrate this. you can see this building here. the top portion has just krm bld down on to the ground. downtown napa . this picture here someone's house the plastering walls cracked up you can see the bricks exposed there. it's going take a lot of work to clean up. one more picture. it looks like this person didn't clean up their kitchen. drawers open items all over. some of the images we're getting into the kron 4 news room. made a mess because of the 6.0 earthquake. we are hearing reports of power outages. no major injuries or damages enough to shake the ground and
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make a mess. you can see the items and broken glass. if you have any pictures of damages send them to us as breaksnews dron . -- >> we have sandy joining us live. good morning. >> you're able to laugh. >>reporter: 2000 did the same thing. the same fault. did the same damage. >> it also koourd on a morning. >> my house burned down in 2012 and we rebuilt from that and here we are again. >> seems like we have you have a good attitude. if memory service i think the 20000 earth wake also stuck on a
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we>> it agains again shook east west. exactly follow it is fault that they discovered existed down on dry creek road. we shookest to west. dumped every cupboard. literally four or five feet high all over the house again. >> i'm so happy you're able to laugh about this. >> you litter willy back the pickup up and shovelal it inny>> what was going through your monday early this morning when your house was shaking. >> oh, here we go again. almost pushed out of bed. most things are five to ten feet away from where they belong. ripped the doors. >> have you been able to go
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outside and check any exterior damage to your home in>> it appears, the house was newly billed built. so we're at absolute code. it only appears to a damaged some stairs attached to the house and tore out a wall. we're on top of a hill. the force was amazing this time. much worse than other one but the damage equally filled. the debri is almost waist high in every room. >> have you talk toed to your neighbors. >> the neighbor to the north of us lost part of their house off the foundation. my saving grace was that this was a brand new house. >> did you get some photos of your neighbor's home and send
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them to us? >> i'm afraid i'm not very good at that. if you have crews around they're welcome to come by. >> other residents in the area that have phoned in describe described this earthquake as much noise as anything else. they say there was a roar. >> yeah. it was very loud. and then shaking and the shaking just didn't stop. as they say in our location the shaking is east to west so it dumps everything it can. then cracks kurt north to south. they were almost identical to 20000. >> do you have earthquake insurance? >> i thought i'd let people know
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know. i suspect as the light is occurring here you will see messes. >> we've seen some. we're so glad you and your family are safe. and that timing was everything in your case. you had your home up to code and you have debris to clean up but apparent will you no structural damage. >> not at this point. we have big sliding doors it popped the glass out of the frame on one of the doors. standing perfectly fine but popped right out of the frame. odd things you see. >> keep up the positive attitude and thank you for sharing your story. >> thank you. >> great attitude. >> isn't though? fantastic how she's been able to
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handle this. -- >> you hear us? >>reporter: good morning. i want to point out we're on a delay here. we're at the corner of third and brown street. -- >>reporter: people out here
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taking pictures. pan the camera over. a lot of people downtown napa long time residents here in napa county look at the damage. a rot of them come to us and shared their stories about how they were awoken. a lot of them were here in 1989. they tell me this feels lot stronger than that even though that may not be affected in the magnitude of the earth cake. you can see trying to keep people away. the concern they don't know if there's going to be more after shocks. if they are going to collapse or pashly collapse. trying to keep people back. buildings inspectors taking a look. >> do you see people out now working on securing the area or doing work or leaving it alone
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for now? >>reporter: taking a look at the damage. pan you over and show you this. they're going to be looking thu the trees. if you see this is the historic court building. some of that has been damaged. officials with that building have been looking at it. it appears their main point of concern so far keeping everyone back. >> we just lost mike. >> want to go in and out to -- no to south bay. talking to experts at usgs. >>reporter: detected this earthquake around 3:20. they believed the a magnitude of
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6.0. they are calling it the south napa earthquake. strongest since 1989. there's been numerous after shocks. the strongest of a magnitude 2.5 which hit around 5:# morning. these earth wakes may be happening along the west napa fault. -- >> the earthquake was strike slip earthquake that produces where the earth's crust moves side to side which is typical for the bay area. the motion along a fault that would be typical for the bay area. in that sense looks like a typical kind of earth wake. the magnitude larger than what
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we've seen. >>reporter: geologist. five prs chance or less that there can be a large after -- >> we have new video coming in. out of vallejo of possible looting. this looks like a post office in vallejo. police on scene and that the windows here have been broken. we can't tell in anybody else -- if anything has been taken. you can see how the win zrous been broken. looks like folks are just assessing and taking a look at the damage. >> we will don't check that out. the initial report some looting at the vallejo post office.
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>> we have been covering the earthquake that occurred at 3:20 this morning. ep center american canyon. 6.0. the strongest since 1989 quake in 6.9 -- -- >> minor injuries cuts and bruises. >> that indy car race scheduled at 4:45 will draw tense of thousands of people. largest of the year it is still
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ago. >> one of the biggest areas we've been covering the mobile home park in napa . four mobile homes destroyed by a fire which fire fieingers say was caused by a gas gas leak. >> another four damage significantly and the tragedy here for the people that live here and for the firefighters. the firefighters stand thering. the hose in his hand but no water pressure. the earthquake served or -- counting on to fight this place of residence -- blaze. they had to watch as the mobile homes went up in blaze. the good news is that no one was injured. even able to get out safely. so many stood buy biand watched their mobile home go up in
7:48 am
flames. >> i think we have a -- yeah we have a live report from jackie who's been at the napa valley mobile home park wp>>reporter: i'm not at the mobile home park any longer i'm on browns valley road yes some tst most dra mautic pictures and visuals that i've seen so far this morning. a large apartment complex from about 2 units. the carport has completely collapsed here. 200 feet of cars. on -- --
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>>reporter: pancake themselves on top of the cars in the carport. dramatic scene. i was at the fire earlier this morning. that was dramatic. exactly how strong this was. >> any reports of any damage or - not damage but injuries there? >>reporter: no injuries. apparently it collapsed -- >>reporter: down in marina
7:50 am
area where we saw the buildings collapse. that's what it looks like. pushed itself on top of these. basically laying on the driveways. >> that is jackie reporting live from the scene 200 unit apartment complex where the carport collapsed on the cars there. fortunately no one hurt. >> just a quick traffic note. highway 37 has fully reopened. reported that the webb of ramp was closed but now that has been reopened. great news as about tens of thousands of people attending the race way. >> we're tracking some of the pictures being tweeted to us on
7:51 am
social media. you can see dramatic images. highway 37 reopening it. this is the road buckling. you see an isle here in a grocery store. all on the floor. a pop popped up a bunch of soda and shop k baskets. bottom left of your screen that is someone's home. things falling off the walls. on the bottom right a dresser with the drawers. a wine isle back to the home. we love to see any pictures of damage. if you have them tweet them to us. include them in a message on our facebook fan page. break news as
7:52 am
snippet to remind you that pgne is reporting tens of thousands of customers without power. they are working dig gently to take it care of. >> to move the stoir forward what a lot of people are worried about over the next seven days we have the strong possibility -- >> large earth
7:53 am
>> good time to talk to your family and get a plan in place. >> a good time to restock or start that earthquake kit. available from the red cross. you can put one together. >> tz been said many time count on being on your own from 48 to 72 hours. something you need to take seriously. take care of it tomorrow. tomorrow has arrived. fortunately this earthquake while causing some damage in some areas was not as widespread in terms of damage or casualty. s as what had been feared.
7:54 am
we have a little bit of breathing room at this point. reassess and think about the earthquake kit. >> the u.s. gs reported yet another after shock in the same vicinity of the earth wake. this occurred at 7:22. we've had dozens of reports of after shocks. they're so small they're not felt on anyone. i want to bring attention to traffic in the area. a lot of power outage. s i bounld surprised if we see lights out at intersections. treat that as a stop sign. napa state route we have cracked road way. elevated 10 to 12 inches above the surface. lanes coned off right now.
7:55 am
no major reports of most of the activity on county roads. these are not major thorough fairs. we do hear of new reports. canyon at silverado trail. east of highway 29 north of downtown napa . a downed power line currently smoking now. avoid the area. the biggest traffic worry was signature lar westbound 08 at highway 37. lanes have reopened. if you're headeded to sonoma race way. >> thank you. >> let's go to justine in the news rook. >>reporter: i want to show you this new video. pictures of more damage.
7:56 am
this is highway 37. it is buckled p you can see it cracked in the middle of the road. here also is a house looks like bricks have fallingen down on the ground. this is new pictures we got from twitter from one of our viewers. this is the outside of the house. the outside been buckled across. windows broken there. outside is just falling down. we encourage you to send us your pictures to don't monters what's what's happening. new information of what is damaged in napa . this is from the city telling us that someistic buildings are damage. including the sam key laundry. goodman briesh. napa county yours and two other commercial buildings. the napa airport is closed inspecting the run way for cracks and damage.
7:57 am
if you have any pictures. right here american canyon a 6.0. send them to us. at breaking news >> joining us live is bill dod. tell us who you're with? >> board supervisor. napa county supervise for 14 years. >> thank you for calling in. tell us a little bit about the county emergency plan that has gone into effect. >> i'm doin down at the sheriff's office right now where it was moved after the third floor of our administer administration building was rendered inrate of pay rabble.
7:58 am
>> tell you tell us what is going -- determining what will happen there moving forward. fortunately there's been no fatal tis. there's been 87 yurs. we heard from the hospital. two adults that were serious and one child serious as chimneys fallen. a lot of damage in homes throughout the city of napa . >> are you at the point now where you're asking governor brown to declare a state of emergency for napa county? >> i don't know. it's a little early to make determination. that's an option. >> should you do that what will
7:59 am
take place? >> again, it's going to be a matter of what the damages are. i think in downtown napa it would seem to be to me historic yours. >> what sort of -- do you have earthquake insurance.
8:00 am
>> you i understand the county and have gon gone through extensive planning. you can't get them all taken care of. do you think that heed stave off some of the damage in downtown. >> certainly i'm sure it saved off the damage. --
8:01 am
>> one thing i can say with certainty workday. >> the fact it happened at 3:20 in the morning as opposed to 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. >> or worse 11:a.m.. >> tell us about do you have information on evacuation centers. a couple set up around the napa area. >> apparently supervisor told me there was at napa high school. there was a fire in north napa in a mobile home park. and they were evacuating some of those residents. >> bill dodd thank you for sharing part of your bhorng us. >> the social media response
8:02 am
has been huge. >> look at some of these tweets. we've seen several. one friends and family in american canyon please check in with me p must have been scary. i'm watching the news about the earthquake p hope you're okay. a lot of people reaching out on twitter. this earthquake centered in american canyon. quake lasted 10 to 15 seconds. some say lasted longer.
8:03 am
experienced my first earthquake. magnitude 6. a lot of people wanted to make sure friends and family were okay. some people all over the country have family here. reaching out on social media if the phone isn't available. that's new trend. this is 2014. we didn't see this in the 1989 quake or three or four years ago. things have changed. one of the main ways people get in touch. facebook, twitter. our website as well, a good resource if you want to see all of our coverage so far. we have reports all across the bay area. check out the social media platforms. >> thank you, grant. one thing interesting about this. people who have called in who live in the area. they heard a roaring. >> i heard it this morning. >> we're getting that over and
8:04 am
over. aside from the shaking of course. they heard it. isn't it true the mosterry sounds when i heard it for the first. like a train. >> mooemd immediately immediately knowing what that is. >> we have a statement from six flags just calm. isn't it true? vallejo. >> here is the statement. the pardon me park is currently under going an inception. all the animals are checked out and found to be find. from six flags discovery kingdom. the park will open as scheduled. a lot of events today. >> nengs 49ers game today at le vie stadium. i saw this on twitter the ace
8:05 am
train to the niners game has been can seldom due to track in -- cancelled sfu dew to track inceptions. i understand embarks all the major transit groups are going through inspepgss this morning. >> standard operating spreedings. all of them conducted visual inspepgss of the run ways. as walls please call ahead make sure that you're carrier can give you the latest information on that. >> here's a statement from governor brown. the safety officials doing all they can to help red dents and help those follow their guidance
8:06 am
and instruction. >> we spoke a few >> daylight now hit and able to visually inspect the buildings from downtown napa . >> let's >> i just happened to get up at that time. all of a sudden you could feel it coming and we live in the bay area. we feel quakes from time to time. it power --
8:07 am
>> my house here in the east bay is fine. talk about how they suffered damage as well. depending on where you live and how lucky you are. people have things knocked off the chevrolets. my family is okay. thankfully no one died from this. what a morning. i've lived in the bay area for 13 years and barely felt an
8:08 am
earth wake. someone who says they never feel an earth wake. you felt this one. >> we had calls from viewers throughout the morning. this is their first earthquake and it's a moment they will always remember. >> i won't forget this one. i was in high school when 1989 happened. i du didn't live in the area yet yet. i was thinking this is the one they kept talking about. thankfully it's not. hopefully the worst is behind us. >> thank you so much for joining us live. glad you are all safe. >> the thing formally folks are tweeting about the fact that the next seven days we have possibility of strong after shocks.
8:09 am
that 54% over the next week or so. smaller after shocks this morning. expect according to scientists around 30 to 70 after shocks. floebl the magnitude from 305. the -- 3 to 5. >> we have had after shocks with morning already. one of them 2.5. another 3.6 in magnitude. so long time area residents you know there's going to be after shockses. they will likely happen at least the next week or so. authorities told us they checked the bay bring. san mateo . all the bridges and the fwoelden gate they're all saying that upon inception everything looks fine. no need to close those bridges
8:10 am
down temporarily. they did keep them open as they did a through roe check. >> we're also bart switching tracks. we presume sefrng okay there. the ace train to the 49er game is closed. this is something that happens with transit they will all visually inspect tracks and there's miles and miles. >> sas far as injuries are concerned. mostly in the north bay. no rorts on the east bay -- the napa area. queen of the valley hospital. we spoke to someone there who said they treated more than 70 patient sos far from the earthquake. most of those treated has had minor cuts and bump.
8:11 am
s she said there was a couple serious injuries including a hip fracture and also a heart attack but not clear if those were related . ny if you live in an area where an evacuation center has been set up. someone napa high school. the red cross set upping something there. napa high school. certainly the most heartbreaking event we've seen this morning happened at a mobile home park. the napa valley mobile home park. the fire was -- according to firefighters caused by a gas leak. four mobile homes completely destroyed. we that you knows at least four others sustained significant damage. where the fire fighter standing there cannot do anything because
8:12 am
there's no water pressure. we understand that water main was served or cracked. the fire fighters counting on that water main to fight the blaze and couldn't do it because there's no water koomg out of the tap. they had to stland and watch so many of those moments go up in flames. residents got out safely. a lot of home -- four destroyed. >> >> update the napa emergency officials. 50 gas main leaks and over 30 waert main breaks in the area. they are saying to not turn off your gas unless you hear a hissing sound. if you do hear that --
8:13 am
>> although most people heading to the sonoma race way -- >> bart generally shuts down to inspect the tracks. they were in the maintenance hours at the time of the quake
8:14 am
they zrnt to shut down the trains. they went an inception. east train all tracks -- -- >> we -- just to give you a look at what they're dealing with in napa . report that 50 gas line breaks at pgne that officials have to deal with. 30 water main breaks. >> water remains safe to drink. both water treatment plants no damage.
8:15 am
>> sam key laundry, goodman laundry. napa county courthouse and couple commercial bulledings. all of those in the downtown area. some of those have severe damage. some not been retro fitted yet. the city and county did go through ret troe fitting several years ago. we want to go to ron nelson with the assistant rose sa police. >>
8:16 am
>> definitely nothing significant. nothing widespread. >> have you been able to have folks check. we have reports of buckling in the napa area. >> i saw some of those on line. we haven't experienced any of that here. >> did you feel the shaking yourself? what was going through your mind. >> i did. i'm from southern california. i've been through a few of these. it woke me up and started assessing it and see if i need to take shelter or under a table or something to protect my family members. it was a nice rolling sensation here nothing of significance like in napa . >> have any of your officer been trance inferred down. >>
8:17 am
>> i did hear request on the scanner. >> ron nelson thank you for joining us. >> let's go to grant lotus following the social media response. grant? >> started fast and furs about 3:20. people wake up after being jolted and going back to bed. we'll start here. a vineyard tweeting. hearing reports of injuries lost power and damage. wine comes second on days like this. buggest earthquake since
8:18 am
october '89. fires everywhere. we've seen some of that. significant damage in napa valley area after a 6.0 magnitude quake this morning. a lot of folks reacting now as they did overnight. you can see these imagings starting. bricks here through the back win shield. stores have items all ove i'lls giles. if you have any pictures damage of your home ar neighborhood feel free to tweet them to us. at kron 4 news. you can send your picture. breakingnews snow go to our news room.
8:19 am
>> we just got new new pictures. this first one is one of the historic buildings in downtown napa . the video of it life this morning and now getting a goot. the whole take down some of the awnings with it. ripped it to slends. another picture here where the 1901 historic building it is brum bld because of this earthquake. huge chunks of concrete on the ground. the sidewalk closed. another picture here where it has been captured. glass ever where. they've started trying to clean up the mess. shows you goes all the way down sidewalk. if you look further down the
8:20 am
pictures. chunks of glass. another picture here a top of a building has fallen off. a big hole there. these are historic builds in downtown napa . the hash tag on this one earthquakes suck. they were right pg. @kron4news. we're going to duty or responsibility show you more -- pictures. > now go to clifrd. >> here in man low park they say the earthquake was a magnitude 6.0 quake. they say it hit about 6.7 miles deep. crust of the either typical for the bay area. they also believe this
8:21 am
earthquake may have hit on the west napa fault. determining whether or not that is the case. and this area is known for earthquakes. they do expect there to be after shocks fp there's already been a couple. there will probably be more. >> the most likely car insurances that we'll see after sthoo-x are a little bit smaller. a 50% chance of a magnitude 5 after shock. there's a slight chance that there could be an after shock as large or larger than that quake. a 5% chance. there's a chance. we can't say there won't be but it's pretty. >> we are seeing photos of the damage in napa . that is the downtown area of
8:22 am
napa . as justine told us. a lot of buildings have been damaged as we see the light of day now. more and more officials going through and either red tagging bilgsd that will not be habitable or assessing damage and checking whether or not they will be able to go in tomorrow, the first business day monday. >> as you're checking your own home. the interior exterior. make sure you take photos. don't move things around until you've gotten photos for insurance purposes. be very carefully opening kitchen cabinets. with the strong chick shiking thing -- shakes this morning thing mace fall out. remind the kids as well. >> what flight attendants say things will have shifted.
8:23 am
>> tourn kron 4 mike mike>>reporter:'re on a 8 second delay. this one chouveng a side wall. this one of the smaller pieces. i mean at third and brown street. we've seen whole bunch of damage throughout the morning. look at some video over the past several hours. a count at least three buildings with significant struck traditional damage. one is the cocourthouse. ed the been retro fitted. severe damage this morning. we've also seen lot of people
8:24 am
>>reporter: peopling coming out of their homes because they don't want to be in their homes. there's a lot f damage inside. a lot of items falling off the walls they've come out to take a look to see what else hadz been damaged pch>>. >> >>reporter: we splant that sound for you -- >> again he was live in downtown napa . you can see from our helicopter partners with abc 7 news. this is a fire that was burning at napa valley mobile home park. there were four mobile homes completely destroyed. several others damaged. not rat to severe damage.
8:25 am
all caused by a gas leak. the frustrating thing the firefighters didn't have access to water. they just had to sit there and watch the fire destroy mobile homes. we have images from the video of the fire. fire fighters holding the hose they cannot use. so frustrated by it. the residents of the mobile home park watching helplessly as their home goes up in flames. there's not a thing they can do about it. the good thing is here nobody was hurt. everyone got out safely. some of them at napa valley high school now where the american red cross is set up a center there to evacuation center. let's go to justine who is if the news room who is getting more images from the damage. >> let's show you these new pictures.
8:26 am
also sefrn talk self fis these days. this user took a picture with the car crushed behind him. bricks fell fellow down and damaged that car. took a moment and wanted to reflect on it. you can't hate on him for taking a selfie bhauz because that's what everyone is doing. you can see the bricks fell down the back windshield on the car is crushed. not the going to crack a smile. another piece of video that are just into our news room showing the damage. office space in vallejo. cube calls there have crumbling down. uk see the paper work and stuff that was on the desk is shuffled around. we've been following the live pictures from our helic partnership with abc 7 news of
8:27 am
the fires. another one of people trying to clean up. a -- assessing what's happening. putting things in a box there. wearing gloves because there's a lot of broken glass. we've stheen picture of the highway buckling. that's highway 37. we encourage you to send us your photos. s they are really helping us to ill straits. e-mail us us at breakingnews@ >> more pictures we keep wanting to show you. you see some rubble here. a drezer that has come down on
8:28 am
the wine all over it. top >> i basically took the lead getting the federal ghovt involved. you see some of the images are
8:29 am
similar like the marina fire. what's important here is the napa county and the city they're next step has to be to ask the governor to prepare a dis aster response. that triggers a number of things that's important to rebuilding napa . what it does, if the president designate nates it as a -- when you fee ma comes in. mobile home for example federal programs to give temporary housing to people who are displaced. people who's insurance doesn't cover all the damage. loans or public intrastructure. for the city buildings especially. 75% match.
8:30 am
>> that high. >> the only way to get city rebuilt. they wanted to give $2 million which i call spackling but later gave us 120 million. it's a long process but they have to start working right now. >> i would assume the county board of supervisor would have to contact the state who would have to draft the request and send it to washington. >> send it to washington and the president will approve it. fee ma will dock out here. folks will come out. damage done. start doing assessments. of the public buildings. start basically writing checks. that's most important thing. >> downtown napa there are a lot of small individual business
8:31 am
owners who are working there. this is their bred and butter should their business be closed for a significant amount of time? >> there are programs in sba is part of the fema response. their economic laws -- it's not perfect but does help a lot of people out. one of the more important things to remember even though we're here covering a disaster and seeing all of this damage. there are still businesses that are viable. one of the things important >> many of them if not all of them still in operation. that's an important foint make because of the images that are
8:32 am
going around the world now it's of damage. the reaction is all of napa is damaged when in fact it's a small smart of large region. >> exactly this is crush time. it brings a lot of tourists in. >> you want people to know there's a lot lot of napa that's still open for business. the county, the officials have to get down to business. get get the disaster decla ration going and start the repair job immediately. >> one thing as well unlike loam ma operate ta the damagema
8:33 am
prieta the damage>> luckily in this particular ine citizens there's de-crete damage in a small area. fema is built to do that. it's built to handle that and the residents and the businesses and the blishl there. >> one thing about fema there it went through a spleet remake if you will. renovation if you were following hurricane treen na there. >> it's better. it's not just katrina. we felt it came on the heels of katrina at loma prieta. that we started making fema think differently. they never dealt with condos before. they dealt with mobile homes, but if you have a condo tha damaged fema was going, i don't understand how to deal with it. now there's a separate program
8:34 am
for cone doe and shared cotts. differently programs for your unit and the entire building as a whole. the limits are hire to account for inflation. it's not perfect but it does work better. >> you need to be persistent. based on what we've seen, is it a legitimate request at this snoint>> absolutely. when i heard i was hearing about the courthouse and library. those are classic public bulledings eligible for public stance for the federal government. it's not just rebuilding it. it's also, if the building code require it to be built to a hiring standard. one of the big fights i had with fema and they now see it our way. >> they understand.
8:35 am
>> they you said it. they will fund to get up to code. now the wild card is it's a state historic building. they have a tendency not to have a hairline brick out of place. you have to work with them when you're doing these retro fits and rebuilds closely. only the federal government has the resource to take a building and make it what it was and make it better.
8:36 am
>>reporter: some of the most dramatic video dch >>reporter: all about 120 feet of haul courts. nobody was out there at the time. nobody was hurt.
8:37 am
>> that is dramatic video we see there. it reminds outthe marine na district of san francisco. it reminds me of the sigh prisz structure in oakland that pancaked as well. >>reporter: the good news is --
8:38 am
>> tracking the social media response. >>reporter: a lot of pictures being tweeted this is where jackie just was. if you're just joining us. reset what we're dealing with. new information. the earthquake has been upgraded to a 6.1 magnitude quake. it had been 6.0 moments ago. centered 4 miles northwest of american canyon. state highway 37 is back open and this is the biggest bay area quake we've seen since 1989 the loma prieta quick during during
8:39 am
the bay bridge series during between as and giants. we mention state highway 37. erika monitoring the traffic situation. >> good morning. a lot of folks definitely worried about getting on the road this morning especially when we've dozens of after shocks. only three of them can be felt by folks. that came in at a #237b9 5 magnitude. the scp asking you avoid the down noun -- downtown area because of debris. there's we have a track control in effect. you will see emergency cruise and officer out there direct traffic. you're supposed to treat that as
8:40 am
an indirects at a stop sign. 121 at cuttings and 121 and 116. cars going way to fast. it was a huge earthquake folks say it it felt like a train. >> a special
8:41 am
>> thank you. want to take you to live ariels from our helicopter partnership from abc news. six flags in vallejo marine world. we got a word earlier from official there is who said they have gone ahead and checked out the roller coasters and rides there. they say the park is currently under going a thorough inceptionened the park has not sustained any damages. the animals checked out and found to be find. >> american canyon. u.s. gs up grauded it to a 6.1.
8:42 am
justine joins us live from the news room. >> pictures have been sending pups we have found on social media after this now 6.1 earthquake at about 3:20. most of the damage and from the we're seeing in pictures is coming to us from the napa area. we can see here people standing in their pjs. this happened in the middle of the night. what we're sigh seeing in this one the road buckling up. it's hard to see what the damage is. looks like at the bottom some of the facade of the building has fallen off. some of the damage we've seen a lot this morning from the building in downtown napa . parts of the building falling off. look at the sidewalk in this picture. lifted up making a v there. tracked concrete all over the ground. shows you how the earth lifted
8:43 am
this morning as it was shaking. we all thought that rattling rolling. and another picture. lifted off the ground making a 90 degree angle in front of someone east house. this is in front of someone's home. we definitely want you to don't send us your pictures if you have any. this one here of damage in a mess made in a kitchen. the kitchen seems to be place where a lot of items stacked all over the place and really easy to mall and spill on the ground. looks like this one damage inside the store. looks like we can see from this picture. more concrete and sidewalkses buckling. take a lot to clean this up. we want you to send us your pictures and see what's
8:44 am
happening in the morning. e-mail us at breakingfruznews at kron a lot of these might be condemned after this earthquake. this house here looks like the steps have been damaged. hard to get up in them and into the house. we'll keep monitoring this we want to go back to one foi toe. >> that's gone up quite a bit. that's pavement in front of this
8:45 am
home. >> while the damage isn't widespread enough damage for federal summon a high probability. president obama just minutes ago was recently just briefed by a homeland security official on the earthquake here. >> no word yet on declare a state of -- >> as with most things governmental there are papers to be filled out. we would guess that the main topic of discussion with the napa county board of supervisors they will have to contact the state vaned the state request federal aid from fema and other agencies to begin money flowing into napa . mike was saying what from what
8:46 am
he's seen there's enough to justify that request for federal aid. we may see president obama make a statement. >> especially with the historical builds. >> at least five after shocks. the most reernt one at 8:10. a 2.6. more after shocks likely. go to charles clifrd who has reports from usgf. >>reporter: here in menlo park have been analyzing data from their network of earthquake seners to get an understanding of how strong it was. they are continuing to say 6.0 but admit the number may change as they continue to stud duh
8:47 am
this. saying it hit 6.7 miles under the grade. at the time of the quake the ground moving at 2.5 feet per second. >> that's squint the magnitude of the event. pipes break and so forth how fast the ground move that causes strain in the ground which a lot of pipes. >>reporter: over the next week we could see 30 to 70 after shocks. some could be quite strong as high at 5.0. >> a lot of the damage that we've been showing you this morning has been occurring in down town napa . >> a look at what's been damaged and how things are looking now. >>reporter: specifically i'm at the corner of third and brown
8:48 am
street. appears to be one of the heart -- hardest hit areas. one of them being the hoist yours. we see concrete and walls that have collapsed. crushing a car here in the parking lot. throughout the morning -- people coming to see take pictures. >>reporter: ways back from some of the buildings.
8:49 am
it i peers at the corner of brown and third street this is one of the hardest hit areas. >> talk about the structural integrity. that mub a huge concern for the entire block potentially. >>reporter: unfortunately a lot of the businesses here are businesses. not homes or apartment. fortunately a lot of these were unoccupied. that's why the sheriff's office is keeping us so far back. there's concern more con freet crete or over hangs could fall. they are waiting for building inspect ters to come out and
8:50 am
assess the damage. that's going to happen before the clean up happens. we've been here for four hours. no one is making an effort to clean up. everyone at this point just taking a look and soaking all of this in. >> not seen any building ininspect tors starting to assess the damage or anything on the buildings. >>reporter: none of the buildings red tags. i haven't seen any intekters but that didn't mean they are not here. county supervisor bill dodd was also here this morning. he said this was one of the if heart -- harder hit areas. so many people want to come to me and share their story. many of us one-on-one at 3:20 this morning. go back to 1989 loma prieta
8:51 am
wondering if this is the big one. especially if you are one-on-one early in the morning. >> for a lot of people they dodged it. >>reporter: absolutely. a lot of people feeling fortunate. especially. think how vulnerable you are at 3:20 mountain morning. people have to find their kids. no one knows where the earthquake is centered how strong it's going to be and how long it's going to last. those living here say it felt worse than the 1989 quake. >> i imagine the next step is securing that area better. more after shocks expected. people are curious. coming by ti like they are this morning taking pictures. i imagine a lot of the rubble is
8:52 am
loose and more stuff falling off the buildings. >>reporter: some op these buildings looks like a lot of this could fall at any time. i've got to tell you a rot of people ignoring that tape and walking under to take pictures. there are sheriff deputy here. they told me they are awaiting orders aas well. they are trying to juggle a whole lot. they have eight taped off. people ignoring the tape. >> here's live look from our helicopter. we're not exactly sure which road or highway this is. we can see crews working. they've closed down one of the roads, one of the lanes --
8:53 am
>> good morning. i just wanted to make a quick note on the fires we are following. particularly the one at the mobile home park. the reason we didn't see a significant fire is because wind was practically none existent in the area. the embers did not blow around. fires contained to the area in which they sparked. the usgs did say the earthquake was moving at a rate of 2.5 feet per second. the -- portion of this 121. don't have any hard closingers in effect right now.
8:54 am
all cone coned off in spots. >> an update -- power lines barely holding the pole up. thousands of power outages in the area. don't be spruz first-d -- surprised if you see some lights out. treat it as a stop sign. >> here in the kron 4 news room. following the pictures send upping of the 6.1 earthquake. damaged glass here. heads through the glass. lots of things that have fallen
8:55 am
down. that's the worse thing. of the sidewalk looks like and the street. part of the sidewalk that has been cracked up and the buggaling. tryingaltryingal fire looks like part of the steps cracked up. we're still getting lots of new pictures. best way to send them to us. breaking news at kron working to turn those around and show them to you. >> new information. details we know. the shake map. 6.1 upgraded recently. four miles northwest of american canyon. we know this is new 90 injured p three of those people seriously injured. 90 people have been taken to the
8:56 am
hospital with injuries as a result of this earthquake. napa fire if i believing r officials confirmed six fires broke out. the mobile home park that destroyed multiple mobile homes and that rendered fire fires unable to fight the fire. there was nothing they could do. some of the images here. we love to see your pictures as justine mentioned we don't update the details and images and have them on our website, >> call train tweeting they expect to operate to the niners game. >> we're looking at live kov fraj our helicopter parter ship.
8:57 am
presumably for the next couple of days. road crews doing some work to try and take care of damage caused by the earthquake early this morning. we have many reports of roads buckled or some type of damage to the asphalt. some quick repair work. what it means to you if you're in the area pack your paisht papers patience. >> one huge event going on in the north bay today p the go progrand pree. beginning at 4:004:45. one of the biggest events. that's going to attract thens of thousands of people. because of crews working on the roads we have traffic control looks like some of those highways could be jammed because
8:58 am
of so many people going through ant the road work. >> if you don't have any business to be in that area please stay out. because there are emergency crews. >> there's a lot of work going on the repair the area. >> bring you up to date on pge outages. some 30,000 customers without power this morning. keep that in mind. 30 thousands people, customers without nour the area. we also have reported at last check. 50 gas line breaks. some 30 water main breaks. obviously they have a lot of work ahead of them to sort this out. >> all the damage has been in
8:59 am
the north bay. everyone felt it to the east bay, sacramento. damage in the north bay. keep in mind as you're checking the house for structure. get photos before you start moving things around. tell your family before you start opening the cub boards -- >> whit comes to these disaster situations. it's better to stay taust phone to keep those lines clear. watch your animals closely. my dog was bark right when the
9:00 am
schwabing took place. he was definitely scared. they're saying after an earthquake sometimes your pets behavior may be a little fun my theny. normally quite and friendly. cats and dogs. those normally friendly quiet cats and dogs may bb aggressive and scared. >> be patient with how they're going to be acting. want to bring you up to date as we turn to the 9:00 hour. bring you p to date on where things stand. you were mostlily one-on-one up atwoken up at>> we also have mobile home park in napa where four mobile homes went up in flames.
9:01 am
fortunately we have no reports of any deaths so far. and a couple of what would be major injuries. one person treated for hip trackture another person treated for the heart attack. we don't know if it was related to the earthquake. >> couple traffic notes as well. call train expecting to go ahead and operate their train service for the niners game today. there could be delays as their checking stra-x for possible damage. ace train to the niners game that train has been can tell selanoed due to track inception. we understand barts is probably going through a similar process. no canlations or delays on bart. >> also check with the three major airport.
9:02 am
s all of them conducted visual inceptions of the run ways which is standard operating proceeder. all of the earth quakes good to go. >> we've had several after shocks. over the next seven days. strong after shocks are possible. a 54% probable billty. we will see dozens of weak after shocks. we'll see -- they predict a larger earthquake over the next 7 days is very small. 5%. >> evacuate if you smell gas in your home. only turn off the gas if you
9:03 am
smell it. we haven't had too many reports of downed power lines. last check was 30 thousands. >> go to will. >>reporter: i mean on may wi to napa . i passed highway 37. a sign up to it says delays on highway 37.
9:04 am
rolling action i thought this is a big one. they will telling us for years there will be a big one. took to 2013 immediately. thankly no one died. but very scary. >> especially for people living in north bay. we understand you're headed to queen of the valley hospital. a major triage center. some 90 people with injuries. fortunately oonl cup p of them -- couple of them major.
9:05 am
>>reporter: i've got people from all over the country saying are you okay. the answer for me is yes. i'm on my way. hopefully you'll see me on the air in the next 20 minutes. lots of damage in the napa area. >> thank you very much. i want to quickly mention the helicopter parter ship. that was state rout 121 in napa one of many roads buckled this morning. speaking of that. justine has been monitoring the pictures. we've been getting a lot of good photos. >> you can see this car here crushed by bricks. bricks fell on top of this car.
9:06 am
back windshield smashed. this picture we found on social media. that chimney broke durning this earth wake. parts started to fall off. we see plaster that is falling off of walls this this is one of the iconic images we are seeing. this guy with the car there getting a lot of play on social media today. here is that building. i want to let you know that we are expecting an update from authorities in napa . there's a press conference scheduled for later this hour. we expect more information and we will bring to you you live. if you have pictures e-mail them to us.
9:07 am
>> it didn't feel that big in san francisco because it was centered about four miles northwest of american canyon. 90 people injured. three of them seriously. tran mentioned he is on the way to queen of the valley hospital where most people were treated for cuts, bumps and bruises. three of those injuries serious.
9:08 am
six significant fires as a result of this 6.1 magnitude earthquake. social media, we can't stress it enough. here are some of the most rent tweets. hearts and prayers affected by pch >> if glour the napa area significant damage. damage that will take weeks perhaps if not months to repair if it homes destroyed in that happen p a lot of damage in that area. fortunately could have been a lot worse. could have seen the damage
9:09 am
extend throughout the bay area. we have it yet. in the far east bay where a lot of people live in san francisco. fortunately. >> speaking of the earthquake and far reaching ramifications. people from san jose. people as far east as fresno . >> thus far the damage seems to be fors the most part concentrated in the napa downtown napa area. isolated places. vallejo and napa county. these images coming out of the vallejo. retail stores. they've got bottles falling to the ground. wine bottles falling to the ground. now picking up the pieces.
9:10 am
get their store shelves in tiptop condition. i want to quickly mention. we've been mentioning the injuries this morning. we've had a couple more severe critical injuries. including a child. a number of reports, we're going to get this confirmed. a child hit by debri falling from a chimney. some people in critical condition at queen ot the valley hospital. mostly minor cuts and bruises. want to turn now to jeff. >>reporter: i'm here in vallejo. there's plenty of damage here as well. certainly not as severe at napa
9:11 am
. all along tn tp there was barack obama broken glass. boring windows up. i went to a church where their sprinkler system dumped 350 gallons into their sanctuary. valet ho did not go unskaifed. >> we understand that we've been talk about this throughout the morning. we have word that napa county --
9:12 am
>> federal funds flowing towards north bay. >> let's go the grant. >> it has been a big response. we just got some news from call train. call train saying it will be running trains to the 49ers game. people should expect delays. there is has been other service. a lot of people not encouraged to drive to the games. call train will be an option.
9:13 am
>> usgs signs scientists trying to figure out which fault. they believe the west napa fault. an active part of the north bay region. these parallel faults have been rupturing for millions of years. they have been fairly small ones. they're look at the data. it looks like that quake struck about three miles northwest -- now with the warning people now while they have more after shocks over the next week or so. a chance of larger earthquakes. i was asking if there's a
9:14 am
wirg -- bigger one. it's a small chance. a five to ten%. >> if you've lived in the bay area for any amount of time you will know there's after shocks. the magnitude of those could go all the way up to 5.0 which will feel like an earthquake. that is most likely an after shock. go back -- >> more pictures of the damage. just into our news room. you can see the building all the bricks fallen off of it. caution tape around it. talking about these concerns of after shocks. more damage could happen this morning. a close up here of a sidewalk that we're seeing lifting off the ground. huge car accident. you can probably stick your hold hand under there. we're going to see how they're going to ticks all h of this.
9:15 am
when you talk about a kid hit by a chimney not say this was it but the chimney knocked to the ground. image the force of that hit and look closely at this picture. the crack there is showing us the compact tooim that the earthquake hit this morning. it is stopped and glass alled around. we can see in the picture more sidewalk and street damage. people walking on it as if it's nothing. this little kid there gives you some sort of perspective. how high up the sidewalk and the street here buckled after this 6.1 earthquake. we continue to get more pictures of the damage out there. saw another one out of vallejo, the wal-mart that has a lot of
9:16 am
items scattered over the grund ground. i'll get that to you in a few minutes. if you have peers e-mail them to us at i believe this is a parking structure that has fallen on top of cars there. the pictures themselve astounding>> that is a carport at a complex. the carport as you ca partially collapsed on to those cars. fortunately because the quake hit at 3:20 in the morning there was no one in the cars. no injuries to rorlt from that. you can see the significant damage being cause there had. that's going to be a bit of work to get those cars out of there. >> a loft damage in downtown nam pa where we had mike there all
9:17 am
morning long reporting on many buildings including historic buildings rub ul alling off the bulledings. the structural integrity of many of those buildings entire block in downtown nap ma pa is now in question. and authorities still aren't quite sure if those structures are still safe. they're asking people who are coming by take photos. wanting to check out the damage themselves to really keep a safe distense. and respect the caution taupe. thoiz buildings are not secure. >> want to turn to the traffic center. talk about after shocks. the>> the most recent one at
9:18 am
7:4437 -- 8:44. we will continue to with the possibility of after shocks for the next couple of weeks. now when we have a significant earthquake in a bay area all the public transit agencies tp make sure everything is safe for communitier. s because of the quake they are inspecting the tracks and the train they zoejd take people down to the 49ers game at le vie stadium has been cancelled. it looks like doing a lengthy inception process. call train says they plan to take people down to levy stadium. they are holding trains and not getting into san francisco. as we take it to the traffic
9:19 am
maps. carol at redwood the 1100 block of broad more drive in napa and state routes 12, 21. coarse going way too fast. svped a vuzing people that car accident in the road way could cause flat tires. all the roads will be open if you're heading to the sonoma race way. >> another traffic update. the call train update. they are saying there are about 40 minute delays because of track inception continue. le vie stadium that has been inspected and they report no damage. ace train to the niners game has been can sells due to track inceptions. >> want to bring in mike or
9:20 am
analyst. we were talking last hour about the procedure for getting federal aid. it seems like the first step is taken by the napa county officials asking governor brown pr>> the proper procedure is for the governor to make a request of the period of time. that will act part of which as what's related by the napa fire. the federal govment will reimburse localities. for the cost of this responding to these clean up for the emergency response to the hospitals as well pm those kinds of things become eligible for funding. you don't expect these kinds of things. over time other things come on board p. this is why this exists in the
9:21 am
federal government. i imagine it's a long process. walk us through the process. >> the process as it goes forward is a long process. the way it gets done is quick. all the governor has to do is -- during leem operate earth came we dit in two hours. it can go very quick. then again, that's when you saw the bay bridge being down and other things going on. even on things like this. i don't expect it to take that long. i expect it tomorrow pm tp process to activating fee ma will probably be involved. send out inception teams to start working with the local government on assessing how much damage there is and what's veblt for cost p. that tends to get a little longer. whether you believe -- like it
9:22 am
or not the federal government expect expect expects you to sfend money on what you should be spending it on. >> take us through the political aspect of this. should we expect goef ner fwloun in area? >> part of that is whether or not they want him there. what i mean by that is if they're still in the middle of disaster response. you don't want the hole enter rauj. >> we ask the president to do a fly over we don't ask him to come in because we have to block the streets and deal with stret service. golf ner is less so. this is a kind of governor who is low key. in the old days he just drove up in a chevy. this is an area that is familiar to him. he has family with property out
9:23 am
there. >> thank you for telling us the procedure that we can expect to see. >> we've been tracking the social media response. it has been huge on twitter. grant has the latest with that. >> we're continuing to look at these live pictures. the red cross has just opened a shelter at the crosswalk community churmg on first street in napa . 2590 is the address if you need a place to go. that is new. also we've just learned out of the press conference they're holding in napa . up to 100 gas leeks. we heard 50 before that. that number has doubled. napa officials calling for help. ex-hausing their resources. imfact felt all over. the damage centered in napa but
9:24 am
people felt this -- as ar he's as sacramento. the capital quarter train and the harks train both which normally take fans to the 4ers game will not be running today as a result of inspepgss that need to be done. however call train says it still plans to run trains to the le vie stadium. al train advising folks they should expect delays. more people are going to get on call train because of the ace train and capital quarter train not running. those two usually take more than 1,000 people combined on game days. that is new in the news room. we don't monter the breaking information. >> we want to go live to jackie who joins us live over the phone
9:25 am
in napa . you were at a mobile home park fire earlier now at a an apartment comble-x where a carport collapsed. >>reporter: i've moved again. i'm 3,500 block. you can see from the video that i just sent crumbled under the weight. i -- major car accident in the side of the house. up two feet. in addition to that. right around the corner. a water main break. third or #49 one i've seen.
9:26 am
residents standing on the sidewalk. looking at the unbelievable purse out here. seems to be the worst of it right now. west side of 29 goes from first -- >> jackie the quality is not really good right now. we'll check back with you later. >> jackie has been moving around the napa area. >> let's go to justine who is live in the news room tracking the photos. you're looking at them right now. this has why they toll you to bolt down your furniture. this sed on their bed.
9:27 am
this year the wal-mart in vallejo salad dressing scattered oosz the aisle there. fell and cans of soda. boxes that have just fallen on the ground. i believe that's at a convenience store location in vallejo. another shot here of a grocery store. we're seeing more items scattered all across the street. no one hurt in these situations. a lot of shaking that was enough to make things fall on the ground. >> the foun nan someone east backyard. tipped over. that is really heavy. fall on the ground and shattered there. it shows us not only how dangerous this quake was but also a lot more of the damage. if you have any pictures to send
9:28 am
us, we're scouring the interpret on facebook, instagram. twitter. we're look for pictures of damage. please e-mail pictures at i'll be bake in just a few minutes there's a lot of atowneding images out there. >> we are track new information coming across from this press conference at the city of napa is holding now. the fire chief just spoke. he said there are more than 100 gas leeks the crews are working on. dozens of maturity main breaks. napa fire officials are skl people to stay away from downtown napa . because they're doing the best to close down the area. quite a few buildings have suffered struck traditional damage. still not secure because a lot
9:29 am
of loose brick barely hanging on by a thread. people to stay away this morning. >> good advice to just stay out of the area. emergency crews need to do their work. you were watching some ariels there from our helicopter partnership 7. mobile home park earlier. >> this is from earlier as well. this is shots of dmaj the napa area downtown napa has been hit, some buildings hit hard. some presumably red tagged because it's extensive. we're expecting building intech tors to go in figure out which buildings can be reopened and which cannot. we've seen a lot of damage in
9:30 am
the downtown area in napa . >> we're seeing a lot of buckled roads. this is just coming droosz wires. am tracks capital quarter train service temporarily suspended between sacramento and san jose. this is while they inspect the track. also ace special train service -- has also been can seldom because of safety concerns following the quake. >> call official expect to run service to the niners game but there are delays. bart pad preplanned delays. pittsburgh bay point line. no other -- >> as we get to 9:30 we want to bring you up to date with the
9:31 am
events this morning. you were likely shaken weak at -- awake this morning. 6.1 earthquake felt to fresno to sacramento. you likely felt it in northern california. the largest earthquake to hit the bay area since 1989 with the loma prieta. most the damage centered in the napa area. downtown napa some businesses have sustain severe damage. they will be checked throughouts the day and tomorrow to find oin -- find out if they can be reopened for business. historic buildings have been damaged as well. sfand dooj some buildings. keep it perspective. all of downtown napa is not in
9:32 am
problems here with damage. we just have some damage reported at some buildings in the napa area. >> because of the damage we're seeing -- >> governor brown did declare a state of emergency. that gets the ball rolling for federal moneys. it's going to cost millions of dollars to fix these roads. many buckled roads. historic buildings suffered damage in just the downtown area. they're still assessing the damage because it happened so early this morning. >> in the dark couldn't see anything. >> and power out to some 30,000 customers according to paperwork ge. some -- sunlight is going helping on the outside of their home. >> one thing we are dealing with now are after shocks. if you lived in the bay area you know that is what's going to
9:33 am
happen following the earthquake. >> the most recent one reported at 8:44 this morning. a 2.5 magnitude. we've seen well over a dozen. most of them blow 2.0. a possibility of after shocks. a lot of folks ran into completely buckled in. a pavement of concrete lifted. some areas elevated 10 to 12 inches above the surface. damage assessed and said everything looks pretty good but didn't find additional damage. call train inspected all the bridges and they said they are safe for vehicle travel.
9:34 am
providing traffic control for states 121, 12, -- -- >> car accident could cause flat . -- cars could cause flat tires. >> as we mentioned most of the damage we've seen has been occurring in downtown napa . that's where mike joins us live. >>reporter: stepped out of a press conference in the past two bhins fire officials. biggest -- >> hope of
9:35 am
getting state and federal aid. local resources have been exhausted. dozens if not hundreds of structures. the public work director did say the water here in napa is safe to drink. fushls opened a shelter at napa high school for anybody um pacted by this morning east earthquake. they have shut down several roads around downtown napa . they want to make sure emergency crews can respond. they have several teams go in assessment teams looking at the damage. looking at some road buckling issue. they also have a team of inspectors looking at a whole bunch of prop -- properties. dozens of structures or hundreds of this structures.
9:36 am
last note here, officials did say there have been 87 reports of injuries. many of them minor. there are three people in critical condition. one of them i'm told is a young child perhaps had something inside the home fall on top of the child and flown to a hospital. crews business looking at damage across napa . >> mike reporting live just came from a news conference held by officials in napa . in trms of the ---ing terms of the big picture. a local emergency has been determined. >> people really keeping a close eye on these buildings that have already been damaged. some of the these historic buildings still not structurally safe. the next seven days the usgs scientists have warned strong
9:37 am
after shocks are possible. they put that at a 54% probable billty. a dozen weak after shocks. and the alarminger earthquake. is the big one. or is there a bigger one coming. they put that at a small probable billty. the chance for a larger stands about 5 to 10%. this is a good time to have a conversation and an earthquake kit. >> if you don't want to put a kit together buy one from the rez cross. this is a wake up call for a lot of folks in the area to put one together. >> jus teen. >> you can see the there on the left of your screen.
9:38 am
that's a glass coffee table table that shattered after this earthquake pm just thinking of trying to pick up and clean up glass. that's least of the damage there. this is a store in downtown nap p. everything in there destroyed. the glass at the front of the build is on the street. there's a hot of clean up there. this picture here it's hard to tell. that's a lamp that fell off on the dresser into the drawers. shook the drawer open and the lamp fell in it. it's a good that i think dresser one of the pictures that i've really been stung by this morning because the clock in this store stopped at the exact time this earthquake hit this morning. so -- the glass there also
9:39 am
broken. looks like sky 7 hd there our parter ship had some smoke there but the image going out. if you have pictures, more, we would like to see them. send them to us here at >> we're making some phone calls to check out the source of that smoke. >> just recently governor brown declared a state of emergency and that tlas ground work for federal money. >> governor brown state of emergency declaration puts wheels in motion for federal money to start trickling in. we look at the damage would be a appreciateuated and in many cases needed. what happened once governor brown brown declares state of emergency that will enable president obama to perhaps
9:40 am
declare a federal disaster. >> homeowners and business could qualify for practical loans and grants to get through the first few weeks we know the red tape that could be associated with that. and federal aid for damage roads and public buildings would be made available. we can take a look at some of the live pictures now. where this is centered. so the big issue huth now is governor brown has made that state of emergency can he being clargs now futs ball in president obama court.
9:41 am
>> ace special train service between stockton and san jose has been can seldom. because is safety concerns following the quake. call train officials expect service to the niners game today. expect delays because track and
9:42 am
bridge inspections. bart had preplanned delay >> getting to the niners game is going to be a mess. sonoma race way also. >> if you're heading to either of those. a lot f o extra time. we want to topic. we want to bring you up to date on the airport situation. all three major papers reporting no damage. they did a visual inspepgs early this morning and things operating smoothly. headed out that way. >> turn erika. >> like we've been mentioning. we've two major sporting events in the bay area. if you're heading to levi stadium looks like call train is
9:43 am
your best bet. there's 40 minute delay for inspepgss. they are not providing service in san francisco right now but they do expect to have it to the stadium. ace train and capital corridor are no longer possibility ifs that's what you were planning to use. >> in the north bay we have several lanes closed off. 121, #12shgs 29 and morgueses of 37 coned off. portions of 37 coned off. huge car accident giving people flat tires. we do have delays on portions of highway 121. >> we've been covering the for the most part the damage snaend downtown napa now we want to move to vallejo. on our left here in video on
9:44 am
the -- vallejo methodist chushlg. damage and rubble. mag constitute 6.1. looks like >> jeff pierce was there earlier this morning a phone report talk about the damage that he saw. said one consideration was whether or not the sanctuary was safe to hold serveses today. that is still a question as you can see from the video we have there. you can see the damage to the outside. looking now at live images from our helicopter parter ship with abc 7 news. part of the facade of this has broken away.
9:45 am
>> separating. from where that top coroner. historic building. >> pibl it's also a church. >> everyone is curious you. saying cathedraled build religious not safe. more >> screen want to call up the map to some of the damages caused by the 6.1. if you live in the city of napa
9:46 am
. sfishl officials there said the water is safe to drink they are dealing with some 30 water main breaks. the water pressure may not be what you're used fop. also several roads closed in downtown napa . reminder if you don't have any business in in area stay out. emergency personal. speak of which we have 87 reports of injuries. fortunate hi the overwhelming numerical of those are minor. three people listed in critical condition at the queen of the valley hospital in napa . for the most part mideast people certainly escaped with -- most people escaped with nothing.
9:47 am
>> fires at a mobile home park. at least four mobile homes destroyed. because the fact there was a water main break. firefighters zrnt access to water. they were sitting there watching these mobile homes being destroyed by fire. the good news no one was hurt. even got out. there was several others mobile homes did suffered not rad to severe damage this morning. >> that was a heart wrerjing scene to see the firefighters wanting to put out the fire and fight the fire, save peo -- property and there was nothing they could do. >> talking about the water issue. the first picture showing us the water on the street after one of
9:48 am
the water main breaks. bohen street. we're seeing flooded streets in this picture that we found on social media. still parts of the sidewalk and the street are exposed. so much water there looks like a river. this here a garage where everything inside fell down. they're saying the earth wake there hit us hard but no one there hurt. everything inside the glass collapsed down p this car not so lucky back windshield smashed. a lot of damage to the outside and the bricks need to be picked up. this one a hard to see. this is a street buckling this. this is twin okays drive. it's been blocked off because it's not safe for people to be weighing on driving on. we don't want to see anything
9:49 am
like a sinkhole happen. if there's another after shock. it's napa there's a t of wine in wine country. here a cabinet full of wine fell over. and everything single bottle looks to be cracked or smashed. this is an office building in vallejo where the cub calls fell down. lots of new pictures. almost 300 sent to us here at so we're going through lots of them. and continue to share them. we want to see as many pictures as possible. again that e-mail address, >> thank you justine. >> a lot of people sharing the sentiment so glad we weren't hurt. >> social media response -- seconds after the earthquake this morning. i was thereon.
9:50 am
will tran was as well. fwrant has been following that. >> more speculation than anything. i didn't think it was quite this big. a 6.1 magnitude. we certainly were jolted and shaking for a good 20, 30 seconds. i was guessing in the low 4s. if you were up near the epicenter. this ming really jolted you. damaged lots of buildings and home. certainly people injured. talk a look at social media
9:51 am
reaction on twitter. tweets coming in. this one from cyrus. epicenter napa earthquake was under my family's home. mother nature sure has a power sting. lots of damage. power sting. that's a good way to put it. a lot of people how they character how they felt it. a power sting. >> we see traffic there. near what appears to be damage. road cruise out there blocked off an area. caution tape and we'll don't monitor the social media reaction. we can't stress enough if you have images or pictures to send
9:52 am
them to us. e-mail >> go live over the phone. brendan night. is there any damage in where you're at. >>reporter: good morning. ? my home we had not major dentaling but -- damage but things falling off chevrolets. recuperating from the most scare rest time of my life. >> sounding like a rolling thunder sound? >> it started mild and feel the build up of the sound. almost like a train coming through your house. toughs a rumbling feel. as the rumble got stroker we could hear things falling off of sheflt and lamps breaking and pictures falling. it was so fruthing that my head
9:53 am
is still pounding and my heart is just slowing down. i lived through the 89 in oakland pip don't remember it being this bad. >> probably not the epicenter so far from you this one was literally in your backyard wasn't it? >> yes, it was. we were so friendened. i have grandchildren with me and my mom. because of their age and -- >> the children they all wake up and felt it. when it was happening sitting in bed strie trying to figure out. >> we all ran out of our berms. i wear glasses and my glasses were on top of my night stand and they fell over. amazing. >> it's amazing everybody got out okay. have you had a chance to talk a look at the outside of your home
9:54 am
and check for damage. >> we did walk around i didn't see anything major but waiting for my son. he's going to talk a look around. he searched this morning to make sure there was no gas leaking or water pipes. it was too dark to see assessment on the home. >> thank you for sharing your story. we're so glad everybody is okay. you survived another one. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we're getting more pictures in the kron 4 news room. justine tracking those. >> i want so show you the latest. store where things have fallen
9:55 am
off the e shelf. bottle of bleach mops. here another grocery store. convenience store where more things have fallen on the floor. hard to tell there in that picture >> inside of a part of a restaurant. a big mess. fall on the ground. bottom lts of glass and they break and scat internal revenue service all over the floor. we're watching these live pictures from our helicopter partnership now on the move. more images to of the 6.1 earth
9:56 am
quake. >> from the city of napa we have heard today three people critically yurd. 87 people treated at a hospital after this strong earthquake. we've also seen the pictures of the fire at the mobile home park. we heard kron 4 mike tell us they're not sure of the extent because a lot of people were sleeping at 3:00 this morning when it hit. continue to look at these pictures. the best way to send them to us i'm look at twitter now to get the best pictures to show you now. i'll ba back in just a few minutes. that e-mail address >> i want to remind you that governor brown has dpe declaired atate of emergency as part of
9:57 am
procedure flowing towards napa area. we understand that the first step of the county board of supervisors of napa . declare a state of emergency which then the governor will make the request. >> live look. . -- video from earlier. what you're seeing on the right -- road has buckled after this morning's earth quake. crews been will there all
9:58 am
morning. working on fixing this. and so traffic tough to tens of thousands of people at the sonoma race. looks like you need to pack your patience. >> 6.1 magnitude earth likely jolted you awake. the epicenter in american canyon. 7 miles under the surface of the earth. intrieb it>> napa
9:59 am
fire chief danger drake says the caused six significant fires kwlung at a mobile home park. four mobile homes destroyed. right now thousands are still without power. we've got buildings and road ways damaged. water and gras breaks working to fix. the water is safe to drink. you're watching video of road repair. we have erika who is staying on top of that. >> actually went ahead and ininspected the bridges. they're all safe for vehicleve e after shocks. the last occurred at 9:17.
10:00 am
expect between 30 to 70 weak after shocks. like we have been mentioning a lot of people wondering what's next. are we going to see something beinger. the probability of a magnitude five or greater is 54%. anything larger than that down to 5 to 10%. we take a hook at the traffic maps starting to see delay right now. eastbound highway 37 speeds at a slow crawl of 15. sshg krshg paperwork business city >> large car accident on the


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